The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
God is Spirit, Light, Life,
Love, and a Consuming Fire.
God is the Creator. He is
All-Powerful, All-Knowing,
and Everywhere Present.
God is our Father, our
Divine Teacher,
and our
                   God is Spirit:                          John 4:24                        God is Light: 1 John 1:5  God is Love: 1 John 4:8
God is Life:  Acts 17:24-28  & Deut 30:20
God is a Consuming Fire:  Hebrews 12:29
  God is the Creator: Genesis 1:1
God is Omnipotent (All-Powerful): Rev 19:6
God is Omniscient (All-Knowing): Ps. 147:5; Ps 139:4
God is Omnipresent (Everywhere Present): Ps 139:7-15
God is our Father: John 16:27; 2 Cor 6:18; Ps. 89:26
& Acts 17:28
God is our Divine Teacher: 1 Thess 4:9
God is our Provider: Genesis 22:14
God is our Righteousness:
Jer 23:6 & Jer 33:16

Some of God's Names:
Jehovah Nissi: The Lord is My Banner
Jehovah Jireh: The Lord Will Provide
Jehovah Shalom: The Lord Send Peace
Jehovah Shammah: The Lord is There
Jehovah Tsidkenu: The Lord Our Righteousness
(See Ex 17:15; Gen 22:14
  Jud 6:24; Ez 48:35   
Jer 23:6)    
"...The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are three distinct yet equal Persons and indivisibly One God."
(Quote from: The Christian Life New Testament-
Thomas Nelson
"God is everywhere present, but He is not in everything. If God were in everything,
man could worship any object and he would be worshipping GodGod is a spirit being. 
'And those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.'  (John 4:24)" 
Quote from:The Christian Life New
Testament- Master Outline Study
on: "The Nature of God"
Thomas Nelson