Perhaps you are feeling lost and confused,
sad and lonely, or just empty, as if something is
missing in your life, or something undefinable is wrong. 
Maybe you've been searching for that feeling of peace
that so many other people seem to have. 
Or maybe you've been wondering if you should be
going to some sort of church; or if God really even exists. 
Or maybe you are going to a church
and are still wondering if God really exists.
If this sort of thing is happening to you, it could be because
you have never accepted Jesus as your Savior, and the Lord of your life.
If you will accept Him, you will find that, with Jesus and the Bible
to lead you and guide you, your hopeless confusion will be gone.
No more lost, empty, wrong feeling... just relief, and a steady joy from within!
With Jesus living in your heart, suddenly, your life is right, and there is hope;
hope of joy here on earth, and hope of spending all eternity with Him in heaven!
If this sounds good to you, just pray this simple prayer:

God, I know I have done wrong in my life,
which qualifies me for being a sinner.
But now I remember that your Son, Jesus, died on the cross.
I am learning that He willingly died to pay for all of our sins.
After three days He rose from the dead,
and now He sits at Your right hand, in heaven.
He paid the penalty for all of us!
Now we can start new lives,
forgiven and freed from sin, because He did this.
Thank you for your Son, Father.
Please forgive me for my sins, Lord.
I want this new life Jesus died to give us.
I want to be born again,
and I accept Jesus, as Lord and Savior of my life.
I thank you that you will live in my heart from now on,
and save me from death and hell.
I thank you, Father, that now, I am born again!
I start a new life this moment,
and will live with you throughout eternity!
In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen.

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