Some Great Resources for Sharing
During Special Program Time One on the Topic of:
Creationism vs. Evolution

The Bible

All Creation Videos from (Creation Studies Institute)
(Tom DeRosa/Dr. Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries)

All creation videos from (Institute for Creation Research)

All creation videos from  and
(Dr. Jobe Martin, Biblical Discipleship Ministries)

All creation videos from (Ken Ham, the Answer Man;
Answers in Genesis Ministry and Creation Museum)

All Creation Videos from Moody Bible Institute available at: moodypublishing

The Answers Book - Revised and Expanded  (by Ken Ham.  Available at

Refuting Evolution 2 (by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D.  Available at

From Evolution to Creation (DVD with Dr. Gary Parker. Available at

All Science and History Books by A Beka Book at:

The Answers Book softcover book by Ken Ham available at:

Buried Alive softcover book by Jack Cuozzo available at:

Someone's Making A Monkey Out Of You
(Softcover by Patrick Marks. Available at: