Some Great Resources for Sharing
During Special Program Time One on the Topic of:

Christianity vs. Humanism
The resources listed below are just a few of those available.  If you need more selections for use during Special Program Time One, check the websites listed below for additional resources.

A Christian Manifesto (DVD, Video, Book, or CD with Dr. Francis Schaeffer. Available from

How Should We Then Live? (with Dr. Francis Scheaffer.  Was once available on video with group study guide.  Now available in book form from

America's Real War (Softcover Book by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.  Available from

Taking Liberties: The Legacy Of The ACLU (Video, D. James Kennedy.  Available from

Liberty, Tyranny, And The Land  (Audio Cassette by Judge Roy Moore.  Available from

More Resources Against Humanism
(We found this list on-line and though we do not know the man who compiled it, [Robert L. Waggoner] there are many wonderful resources on it, written by trusted and knowledgeable Christians.  While we do not endorse everything said by every author, this is a great resource list for learning more about humanism.

Supreme Chaos: The Politics of Judicial Confirmation & the Culture War (Hardcover) by Charles Willis Pickering.  Available at

Read the Humanist Manifesto I

Read the Humanist Manifesto II

Warning:   Books about the ACLU reveal their immoral and anti-Christian agenda in occasionally graphic terms.  Parental guidance is suggested for these books and videos.