Some Great Resources for Sharing
During Special Program Time One on the Topic of:
America's Christian Heritage

Original Intent (Book by David Barton.  Available from Wallbuilders)

What If America Were A Christian Nation Again?  Dr. D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe 

One Nation Under God: Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About The Founding Of America   (Book by Dr. David C. Gibbs, Jr., with Jerry Newcombe) 

The Bible And The Constitution (Video with Dr. D. James Kennedy.)

America's Heritage (Book by Gary DeMar.)

Christianity And The American Commonwealth (Hardcover book by Charles B. Galloway.) Available from

One Nation Under God (Video with Dr. D. James Kennedy)

So Help Me God (Hardcover by Chief Justice Roy Moore with John Perry.

Four Centuries of American Education (Video) Available at:

Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White (Video).
Available at:

A Spiritual Heritage Tour of the United States Capitol (Video - no closed captioning).
Available at:

Spiritual Heritage of the United States Capitol (Video). Available at:

America’s Godly Heritage (Video). Available at:

The Role of Pastors & Christians in Civil Government (Video).
Available at:

Keys to Good Government (Video).  Available at:

Foundations of American Government (Video).  Available at:

Spirit of the American Revolution (Video).  Available at: