I'm a child of the Almighty God;
He lives in my heart right now.
He knows everything and all my needs;
It is to His will that I bow.

No spirit of fear will I accept;
For it's power and love that He gives;
He'll never leave me nor forsake me-
Oh, How I rejoice that He lives!

No mountain higher, no ocean wider,
Than His unselfish love for me;
It's of Him that all creation sings;
Of His blessings given for free.

Down on my knees I begin to count them;
These blessings of love He did impart;
And, as I count, I suddenly find
His joy rising up in my heart.

Then I say, " I love you, Lord,
I praise your holy name;
I worship you, I honor you;
I thank you for all things."

And through this praise and worship
I reach the foot of His throne;
His light shines down upon me...
My troubles no more my own.