The Gardener

Every life's a garden, with sunshine and with rain;
Each life is a garden, with pleasures and with pain.
Every life's a garden, full of weeds and seeds and stings;
Everyone's a gardener, whatever else life brings.
Every life's a garden, enduring through worst and best;
Each gardener sowing... growing... reaping... or at rest.

The gardener is up with first light for the work to be done;
Though demanding, the rewards are second to none.
All the sweet flowers and sweet fruits; all colors, all kinds;
A gardener's love in full bloom's great treasure to find.
For with weeds carefully tended and pests bravely fought,
The garden grows stong and healthy, just as it ought.

But though the faithful gardener takes a ribbon as his prize,
He looks toward heaven with joyous and thankful eyes;
Knowing God gave the cool water, fresh air, perfect light;
He bore the fruit, though man did help to put up the fight.
Yes, each life's a garden; He's the One who made it so...
His hand caref 'lly tends the gardens we think we grow.