A Note To Remind Me:

You silly, anxious Christian, now don't be a fool;
What makes you so very nervous, your worry and cares your fuel?
Don't you remember what Jesus, our Lord and Savior, said?
You must always cast all of your cares upon Him instead.

Throw them there and leave them; let Jesus bear the load;
You get on about your business of traveling Pilgrim's Road.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither anxious, nor afraid;
Instead be as the Christian soldier--stalwart, true, and brave.

You have not been given the spirit of trembling fear;
But of power, love, and of sound mind--with Jesus ever near.
He is eternally present, and within you from the start;
By His Holy Spirit, He is abiding in your heart.

He'll not leave you nor forsake you, (you know that this is so);
So run your race with confidence and with you He'll always go.
Let not the cares of this present world tear your faith away;
Give the evil one no foothold, to block your way today.

Walk in joy and peace, and in loving gentleness;
Praise Almighty God and His Sweet Son with faith-filled thankfulness.
In this way you'll reach the gates, for which you have been striving;
Kneeling in most joyous prayer... on heaven's shore arriving!