Joy Club Recommended Books, Videos and Teaching Materials

Rather than trying to acquire a full library immediately, is is fine to build your Joy Club Library as you are able, and as funds or donations allow; with the goal always in mind of Providing the best and most godly materials towards your Joy Club members' spiritual growth and acquisition of wisdom and knowledge.

*The Bible
*The Ten Commandments
*The United States Constitution
*The Bill of Rights
The Declaration of Independence
*The Pledge of Allegiance

*Any Books, Papers, Letters, Pamphlets, Speeches, etc., written by the Founding Fathers (such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, etc.) and Books of that Day teaching of Christian Virtues and Deportment, Diplomacy, Womanhood, etc.

Any books, Booklets, Pamphlets, etc., published or sold by The Father's Gift at,

*Educational Books or Videos about
our American Christian Heritage
published or sold by

*Educational Books, Videos, Taes, etc., published or sold by Creation Studies Institute
(Tony de Rosa, backed by Dr. James Kennedy) at,

*Educational Books, Videos, Pamphlets, Articles, etc., published or sold by Institute for Creation Research at,

*Educational Books, Videos, etc., offered by Ken Hamm's Answers in Genesis Ministry,

*All creation videos with Dr. Jobe Martin, at and

*Educational Books, Videos, Tapes, and Poster, published or sold by Wallbuilders at,

*Any pamphlets, papers, reports, books. etc. by the Alliance Defending Freedom at,

*All History, American Government and Economics, and Science Text Books published and sold by A Beka Book at, and

*Any Conservative Books or Videos written or presented in an extraordinarily successful manner,
teaching on the subjects ofSewing, Cooking, Quilting, Puppeteering, Radio Plays, Music, Virtues, etc., that might be useful in teaching the skills necessary for Mmebers to complete the Joy Club Activities

*Books and Videos from the "Just for Fun" List

*Mott Media's "The Sowers Series", with titles such as:
Francis Scott Key; Samuel Francis Smith; Daniel Webster; Abraham Lincoln; Samuel Morse, and more.
(These books are written on a child's level; however, with so few books available detailing the godliness and Christianity of famous American men and women, and public libraries systematically sweeping all such biographies and other books from the shelves, [ostensibly, because of the mythical 'separation of church and state'], we would recommend them even for an adult for a short bedtime read. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend where to find them; we were lucky enough to find them in the library of one of our local churches.)
Note: 2/08/06 We have found a Mott Media Website, which we couldn't find before!
The Sower Series is available for sale on this website:

*"The Leaders in Action Series" from Cumberland House Publishing
available from some public libraries, and from with titles such as:
Give Me Liberty: The Uncompromising Statemanship of Patrick Henry
Never Give In: The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill
Carry a Big Stick: the Uncmmon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt
Beyong Stateliest Marble: The Passionate Feminity of Anne Bradstreet
Forgotten Founding Father: The Heroic Legacy of George Whitefiled
Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee
and more...

*"Men of Faith and "Women of Faith" Series from Bethany House Publish such as:
Oswald Chambers by David Lambert
Amy Carmichael by Katheen White
Fanny Croby by Bernard Ruffin
Gladys Aylward by Catherine Swift
George Muller by Basil Miller
Chrales Spurgeon by Triggs
Hudson Taylor by Hudson Taylor
Harriet Tubman by Rebecca Price
Florence Nightingale by Basil Miller
Samuel Morris by Lindley Baldwin
Eric Liddell by Catherine Swift
John Newton by Catherine Swift
John and Betty Stam by Kathleen White
David Brainerd by Ranelda Hunsicker
D.L. Moody by David Bennett
Billy Graham by W. Terry Whalin
Borden of Yale by Howard Talyor

and more...

*American Disctionary of the English Language by Noah Webster 1828 at:

*Several Copies of a Large, Modern Dictionary such as Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary (Unabridged)

*Abingdon's Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

This List is Not Definitive...Watch for Additions