We're so glad
that you are interested
in starting a Joy in Jesus Club where you live!
The Joy in Jesus Club is a non-denominational Christian club
offering challenging educational, charitable, and character-building activities,
as well as Bible memory and good old-fashioned fun for its members.
We believe that wholesome activities, friendly fellowship and learning God's Word,
make an unbeatable combination for helping hearts, young, old,
or in between, to become joyful hearts for life.

Joy club is for girls and women, and is especially fun for mothers,
daughters, granddaughters, sisters, aunts, and friends to attend together,
although it is also fun for a group of all teens with some adult leadership,
or a group of all women. Joy Club is a good place for family
to become closer, for long-lasting, godly friendships to form and flourish,
for sisters in Christ to "comfort [themselves] together and edify one another".

The Verse Time, Special Program Times, and Activity Time, all carried out
within the orderly framework of the Joy Club's Modified Robert's Rules of Order,
provide a great environment in which all Members will be
enabled to grow in godly wisdom and virtue.

A lot of the fun, especially for the teens, will derive from each Joy Club Member
creatively choosing her own activities and earning badges and awards
within the parameters of the Joy Club Activity Project Sheets.

Many of the Activity Projects may extend beyond the walls of your Joy Club,
and products of your work can be given to needy children, lonely elders, nearby neighbors,
or missions around the world. The scope of community/world outreach
will be as large as your group desires.

Each club may work out its own system of dues/no dues,
money contributed for snacks, activities, fund raising for trips, etc.

Your local Christian schools and church buildings are great places for meetings.
If your group grows beyond your immediate family and close circle of friends,
this will afford room for all.

The Beginning Verses
for studying and memorization during Verse Time are:
"New Life", "The Word", and "The Comforter",
which you may print out from the New Life Verses section
of the Joy Club site, and make into individual booklets.
Six other booklets in this series come next:
"Saved"; "Separated"; "Spiritual";
"Seek"; "Pray"; and, "Stand",
also printable from the New Life Verses Section of the site.

Next, comes a set of nine Verse Packets on the Fruit of the Spirit,
(Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness,
Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance)
filled with verses which help us to learn about the Fruit of the Spirit.
(We like to call them 'Seed Packets' because they are
filled with the 'Seed' of God's Word! (Luke 8:11).)
Upon joining, each new Joy Club Member will receive
one free set of nine Fruit of the Spirit Seed Packets, provided for free
by The Father's Gift, as long as current supplies last.
(As stated in the Joy Club Constitution,
excepting the cost of ink and paper to print them out,
or the replacement of lost or damaged Seed Packets,
all verse memorization materials shall be free to Joy Club Members,
by print-out from the website. )

If you have read The Joy Club's Constitution, and By-laws,
Handbook, Motto, Pledge, Promise, and Prayer,
agree with the ideals and activities stated throughout,
and would like to start a Joy Club where you live,
you may do so easily, by printing out the
New Club Form,
filling it out, and sending it in to the address below:

The Joy in Jesus Club
P.O. Box 1898
Woodruff, WI 54568

You will then receive by mail:

*An Official Joy in Jesus Club Certificate*

*Several Master Forms*
(which the Club Leaders may copy and use,
to keep track of activities, awards, and other information)

*A Complimentary Set of Nine Fruit of the Spirit Seed Packets*


*Your User Name and Password to the Activity Projects *
(on the Joy Club websites)

In January of your Joy Club's first year,
let us know how many, and we will send one free set of the
Fruit of the Spirit Seed Packets for each new Joy Club member.
This is an ongoing offer, so please feel free to keep us updated
each year, as your club adds new members.
(We will be sending the free Seed Packets out once per year
(as long as current supplies last) sometime in the spring,
in plenty of time for the members to have them for use
the following fall. The deadline for requesting Seed Packets
is February 1, each year.)

All other information you will need, to understand
how to start your Joy Club, can be found right here on the website,
and in the Joy Club's Constitution, By-laws, Printable Handbook,
Motto, Pledge, Promise, and Prayer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.
We'd love to hear from you!

joyinjesusclub at yahoo.com
joyclubusa at yahoo.com

Good luck with your new Joy Club and God bless!