Feeling Down?

Perhaps the cause is
'Home-Grown Trouble'.
Try checking your life for the presence
of one or more of these Depressing Downers...
(Downer Remedy at bottom of page.)

(Lifts you up--then slams you down--
and keeps you coming back for more!)
1 Co 6:12... Ga 5:16-17

(Smoking is a dangerous addiction,
both physically and emotionally;
slow suicide for the smoker, as well as
physical abuse to those around him or her.)
1 Co 6:12... Ga 5:16-17

Excess Alcohol or Medicine Use
Eph 5:18-20...Ga 5:16-17

Laziness/Lack of Exercise
(Although the twelve apostles didn't have gym memberships
or jog five miles around Jerusalem each evening, they, nevertheless,
knew the relation of working hard, and keeping morally straight
and as physically fit and temperate as possible to "keeping their
bodies under". Walking everywhere was a great side benefit
of their day that they probably never even thought twice about, healthwise.
But today, we know that out modern technology has taken away a lot
of of the natural health benefits of physical work. Now we must make
an active decision to work hard, to be morally straight and
temperate, as well as to exercise or work our bodies in some way, if
physically able, to avoid the ill health effects
of a sedentary lifestyle.)
1 Co 9:27...Proverbs 6:9-11

Mold, Messiness, and Filth
(God has cleansed you on the inside--Now you take care of what
surrounds it. As Bissell says, "Life's messy--clean it up!")

'Little' Sins
(Sin is very depressing--especially when it is our own!
And it's the 'little' things we don't usually pay much attention to in
ourselves that are the real 'downers'. You know, those things like:
unforgiveness; fear; self-pity; worry; murmuring;
evil-speaking or evil-thinking; coveting; judging;
(and so on, ad nauseum).

(Sins of too little or too much eating, playtime, worktime, etc..)
1 Co 9:24-27

(One of the top ten sins, if not number 1...
yes, it does go before a fall--
and falling can be very depressing!)
Ja 4:6-10...1 Co 10:12...1 Pe 5:6-7

Worldy Ways
(Many are the 'Worldly Ways', including the sins of
pride; lying; cheating; stealing; greed;
usury; dishonest business practices; immorality; forgetting to
include God in the every day family, social, or business life; etc.)
Mt 16:25-26...Col 3:2...Tit 2:11-12...Ja 4:4...Eph 2:1-10

Immorality/Living After the Flesh
(If we want to soar with the eagles,
we can't make life choices that just don't fly...
including sins like:
adultery; porn; unmarried sex or
unmarried sexual gratification;
homosexuality and other sexual perversions;
immodest clothing; drunkenness, revelry; profanity; etc..)
Ga 5:19-21...Ga 5:22-25...Ro 8:13

Did you find any of these things?
If you did, then...

turn away from these deadly companions;
get on your knees and ask forgiveness of the Lord;
seek a closer relationship with Him
through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit.
Begin to really obey the Word and do what He says,
for example:
Pray without ceasing. (1 Th 5:16-17)
Bless the Lord at all times (Psalm 34:1)
Give thanks for all things and in all things (Eph 5:20, 1 Thes 5:18)
Meditate in His word day and night (Ps 1:1,2,3)
Clean up the messes.
Do the opposite of whatever you were doing
of the bad things listed above, repenting and seeking God's
forgiveness whenever you fail, and then starting afresh.
This kind of life is not possible in our own strength,
but becomes possible while walking with Christ in His Holy Spirit.
(I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me...)
...Mat 19:23-26...Mark 9:23...Ph'p 4:11-13...Lu 18:24-27

Special Note
Some things God can help us deal with on our own,
but sometimes we need the help and support of the
Body of Christ. If you have been suffering from severe
depression or addiction that you just can't beat,
perhaps it is time that you sought help
from a trusted pastor believing in
Christ-centered ministry.