J207 A Little Bit of Molly

The life of Molly Pitcher is a marvelous testimony of patriotism, Christian love, and mighty fortitude.
Read the story of Molly's life and then, complete one or more of the projects below.

1. Visit and encourage a wounded soldier or veteran dear to you, or go with your Joy Club leaders and sisters to a Veterans' Hospital or soldiers' rest home to visit and encourage those who may not have anyone else visiting them.
(Minimum 3 Visits to Complete Project)

2. Write letters of appreciation and send with care packages to soldiers, veterans, or wounded soldiers and veterans.
(Minimum 3 Letters/3 Care Packages to Complete Project)

3. Study the times of the Revolutionary War by reading all of the following books:
The Spirit of the American Revolution (25 pages)
The Lives of the Signers (392 pages)
The Wives of the Signers (292 pages)
The Bulletproof George Washington (68 pages)
America's Godly Heritage (33 pages)
Foundations of American Government (16 pages)
Documents of Freedom (short)
All of the above books are available through

4. Visit historic Revolutionary War sites such as:


The Betsy Ross House
Carpenter's Hall
(1st Continental Congress)
Christ Church
Elfreth's Alley
Franklin Court
Independance Hall
(2nd Continental Congress)
Liberty Bell
Penn's Landing
Society Hill


Boston Tea Paty Ship and Museum
Boston Common
Beacon Hill
Paul Revere House
Old South Meeting House
Old State House
Old Town Trolley Tour
Freedom Trail
Adams National Historic Park (Quincy, MA)
(Minimum: One Trip to Boston, or, One Trip to Philadelphia; visiting at least 5 of the sites in each city listed above to qualify for completion of project.)